How to Use Pinterest for Your Small Business

How to Use Pinterest for Your Small Business

Pinterest is a visual social media website that allows users to share photos. It’s a beneficial tool for visually sharing and linking to business-related content.

Pinterest offers more visibility to your business, but keep in mind it’s not designed to solely promote your products but more to engage new and potential customers. Users can browse boards – think bulletin boards – to discover new things and share interests.

You can easily get active on Pinterest by creating an account and pinboards with descriptive titles that clearly identify your content.

Other users can see your pinboards and share on their own boards by selecting the “Repin” or “Like” buttons. They can also comment and ask questions.

With Pinterest, it’s easy to share online content with a “Pin It” button for your web browser and apps for mobile devices.

Ideas for Your Small Business

  • Create a pinboard to share infographics related to your business or market
    Infographics provide a visually appealing illustration that makes data quick and easier to understand.
  • Share photos of your products
    Pin products to your pin board. Add product details to the description. Make sure you add a price with the dollar sign (e.g., $20). The pin will automatically be added to Pinterest Gifts.
  • Pin photos from company events
    Did your company participate in a fun activity or have a recent party? Post pictures from events so others can learn more about the inner workings of your company.
  • Share videos
    Online videos are a great way to share information about your company or product. If you have videos already in YouTube, go to the video page and use the “Pin It” button to add them to your board.
  • Highlight completed projects
    Show your excellent work. Show before and after photos. Share pictures of completed displays or designed materials.
  • Let others share your content – add the “Pin It” button to your website
    The “Pin It” button is an easy button for users to share your content on their own pinboards.
  • Engage with others
    Pinterest is a great tool for sharing information about your company, but remember that user engagement is still key – be relevant, authentic, and useful. Follow other people of interest. “Repin” and comment on good content related to your business.