Improve Your Online Marketing Using Twitter

Improve Your Online Marketing Using Twitter

If I told you there was a free service for marketing your business that reaches over 300 million active users, you’d want to know more about it and how you could use it to help your marketing efforts, right?

You’ve certainly heard about it. It’s called Twitter. Twitter is a social media service that allows users to post tweets using up to 140 characters. While 140 characters may not seem like a lot, keep in mind that photos, videos, polls, and Quote Tweets do not count toward the 140 character limit. When sending a message through Twitter, it is referred to as a Tweet.

Clients have told me that they don’t understand how to use it, don’t recognize the benefit, don’t have the time, or haven’t a clue what to post. I get it—Twitter can be confusing when you first get started.

Below are some key steps to improve your social media marketing efforts using Twitter.

Properly Represent your Brand

Twitter may be the first place a potential client or customer is exposed to your organization. Make a great first impression by completing your profile.

  • Replace the default graphic with a clear photo of your smiling face or an image of your logo.
  • Add a cover photo that’s professional and relates to what you do.
  • Complete your bio with a brief but creative overview of who you are and what you do.
  • Add a URL to your profile to direct users to your website homepage or a specific Twitter landing page which directs users to a targeted page—maybe your About page or your blog.
  • Add contacts by selecting your profile image > Settings and Privacy > Find Friends to connect with people you already know that may be using Twitter.
  • Announce your Twitter profile by adding it to your email signature, business cards, and other social media profiles.

Tweet Valuable Content

Twitter, as with most social media, allows you to follow specific topics, people, and businesses. It’s a place where you can share valuable content that is relevant to your industry, including blog posts or news updates about your organization. Add pictures to your tweet to gain even more attention. Be cautious about only tweeting about yourself, and remember that your content should always educate, entertain, or inspire.

Retweet and Like Tweets by Others That Offer Good Information
Retweets appear on your timeline and show content from the original source. Favorited tweets are listed under your Likes and can be viewed publicly. Be mindful to steer clear of any content that may offend your followers or potential puppies.

Create a Poll

Once you have a following on Twitter, a Twitter poll is a valuable tool for asking a question and getting instant feedback. Ask a question and enter up to four desired responses. Ask questions that are relevant to your industry or that will help you with content research. You can set how long you want the poll to remain active, up to 7 days. Once the poll closes automatically, the winning selection is shown in bold. I’d encourage you to share the direct link of the poll to contacts that you know are active on Twitter and ask them to respond.

Participate in a Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is scheduled weekly using a designated hashtag. The Twitter chat moderator asks questions using identifiers like Q1 and participants respond with their own answers, thoughts, and opinions using A1 to correspond. Once the chat begins you should introduce yourself with a quick message. During the chat, answer questions and engage with other participants by responding, retweeting, and favoriting others’ tweets.

Follow the Right People

Twitter is designed to be informative and engaging but only if you follow the right people. I’m not only talking about the top social media influencers but the people who may not have tens of thousands of followers but offer great tweets. Follow people that inspire you and offer good content regardless of the amount of followers. To find people of interest on Twitter, search for relevant keywords. Follow interesting people and see who follows them and who they follow.

Create a List

There are several ways to use Twitter lists to help identify key people to follow. Once you find someone’s profile of interest, check out their lists to see which ones they’re ‘Subscribed to’ and a ‘Member of’. Make a list of top Influencers, people who retweet you, industry competitors, people you admire, and any other list you think is important. Your lists can be made public or private to be seen by only you. You Twitter account can have up to 1,000 lists with a maximum of 5,000 accounts. Your list name can must start with a letter and cannot exceed 25 characters.

Create a Moment

Twitter Moments are a highlighted collection of tweets related to a specific topic called stories. Moments feature a cover photo and introduction blurb. Opening a Moment will show a collection of various tweets.