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About Rochelle

Rochelle LynaeAs a Business Technology Analyst, Rochelle combines her passion for technology with her expertise in business bridging the gap between technical solutions and business objectives.  Whether it’s managing the digital landscape, analyzing market trends, or streamlining business processes, she is committed to delivering solutions that exceed client expectations.

Implementing technological changes within an organization may require overcoming resistance and gaining buy-in from various stakeholders. She leads change management efforts by communicating the benefits of technological initiatives, addressing concerns, and providing training and support to users.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Rochelle leverages data analytics to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth within an organization. She encompasses various aspects of technology strategy, implementation, and management, all aimed at aligning technological solutions with the broader goals and objectives of the business.

Technology Strategy Development
Based on her understanding of the business landscape, Rochelle formulates technology solutions that align with the organization’s objectives. This involves evaluating emerging technologies, assessing market trends, and developing roadmaps for adopting and integrating new solutions into the existing infrastructure.

Digital Transformation Leadership
Rochelle plays a pivotal role in leading digital transformation initiatives within organizations. She drives change by identifying outdated processes, proposing digital alternatives, and overseeing the implementation of transformative technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or automation.

Front-End Web Development
Rochelle is a seasoned Front-End Web Developer with almost two decades of technical experience strategically developing websites and digital marketing solutions. Rochelle creates dynamic and user-friendly websites, primarily in WordPress, with a focus on responsive design, fundamental UX principles, and search engine optimization – reflecting her commitment to crafting cutting-edge digital experiences. Rochelle has consistently demonstrated her ability to translate client visions into tangible digital assets and established herself as a trusted and accomplished web developer with a proven track record of success.

Rochelle holds a BS degree in Computer Studies with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Apart from her professional pursuits, she takes pride in advocating for projects and opportunities that positively impact and promote technology in underrepresented communities. When she isn’t working, Rochelle engages in upcycling or refurbishing furniture as part of her commitment to minimizing global waste.

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