Transforming Data into Solutions: Bridging Business & Code

Motivated by a desire to explore the intersection of technology and business, Rochelle translates complex technical concepts into actionable insights for business stakeholders. As a Business Technology Analyst, she serves as a bridge to addressing and understanding the business objectives, processes, and challenges while leveraging technology.

As a Business Technology Analyst, Rochelle ensures that projects effectively leverage technology to drive business growth and innovation. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring that technical solutions align with the strategic objectives of the organization.

With a passion for coding and creating innovative web experiences, Rochelle is a veteran Front-End Web Developer dedicated to bringing creativity and functionality to the forefront of web design. Armed with over 15 years of experience, she has completed numerous projects translating design concepts into responsive web interfaces, implementing interactive features, and ensuring cross-browser compatibility.

Digital Business Strategy

Rochelle is focused on digital business strategy including front-end web development and digital product management. Based on gathered requirements, Rochelle collaborates to outline the technical architecture, user experience design, and interactive features of a web project. While she prefers hands-on coding, Rochelle provides oversight during the development process, ensuring that the implemented solutions meet the defined requirements and align with the overall project vision.

Business Technology Analytics

Rochelle plays a pivotal role in leading digital transformation initiatives by identifying outdated processes, proposing digital alternatives, and overseeing the implementation of transformative technologies. She focuses on data-driven decision making to leverage data analytics and business intelligence tools by deriving insights that inform strategic decision-making. Rochelle unlocks hidden insights using data analysis tools like Python, R, and SQL.


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