Business & Wealth Technologist

Hello! I'm Rochelle Lynae, a Business & Wealth Technologist focused on digital business technology and wealth management technology. I have over 16 years of experience as a small business owner, technology consultant, and real estate investor. I'm an advocate for economic empowerment, including generating long-term wealth, through the improved leveraging of technology.

Digital Business Technology

As a Digital Business Technologist, I combine web development, digital marketing, and data analytics with the social sciences, community services, and economic growth.

  • Digital Business Management
  • Web & Digital Strategy
  • Big Data & Analytics

Wealth Technology

As a Wealth Technologist, I write about the leading technology tools – websites and applications – and trends to help people build and maintain sustainable wealth.

  • Small Business Management
  • Wealth Management
  • FinTech Solutions

Digital Business Articles

Brandjacking: Protect Your Online Reputation

Brandjacking: Protect Your Online Reputation

Brandjacking can cause irrevocable harm to your business. Follow these steps to protect your online reputation.

Social Media Blunders to Avoid

Top 3 Social Media Blunders to Avoid

Social media tools are constantly changing. Your business can attain better results by avoiding these top social media blunders.

5 Tips to Get You Up and Running on Instagram

Discover how to share your images, create dynamic videos and photos, and capture a new audience using Instagram.

Wealth Management Articles

Saving for College with a 529 Plan

Saving for College with a 529 Plan

The cost of higher education can be expensive and is steadily increasing. A 529 plan is designed to help fund future education expenses.

7 Ways to Minimize Your Monthly Expenses

7 Ways to Minimize Your Monthly Expenses

Take control of your finances by reducing your monthly expenses to have extra money each month.

Auto Insurance Basics You Should Know

Auto Insurance 101: Basics You Should Know

Making sure that your vehicle, family, and personal assets are covered should be a key factor in the deciding on which auto insurance coverage works best for you.

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