50 Questions To Ask When Creating New Content

When you get started creating content and developing your digital marketing plan, you need to make sure you’re asking the right questions. By answering the right questions you are matching your content with your brand and organizational goals. A strategic content marketing plan will resonate with your target audience and result in more digital success.

  1. What is your content about?
  2. Is your content valuable?
  3. What do you hope the reader gains from reading your content?
  4. What action steps do you hope they will take after seeing your content?
  5. What’s the best format for your content—blog post, video, image, podcast?
  6. Do the images you post accurately represent your brand?
  7. Did you review your content for typos and grammatical errors?
  8. Is your content optimized for search engines?
  9. How does your content compare to that of your competitors?
  10. Does your content align with your specific goals?

Blog Posts

  1. If someone were searching Google for your topic, what would they enter?
  2. Is your blog post title appropriate and interesting?
  3. What are the appropriate keywords to include in your blog content and headings?
  4. Which images will you use? Where will you get your images?
  5. Can you link to other related content that you may have created?
  6. Can you link to relevant external content?
  7. Is your blog post too long or too wordy?
  8. How can users share your blog post?
  9. Did you encourage users to share your content?
  10. How will you promote your blog post?

Social Media

  1. Which social media platform will you target to reach your targeted audience—Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram?
  2. What are you hoping to achieve?
  3. Which hashtags will you use with your post?
  4. Are you sharing existing or new content?
  5. If you’re constantly retweeting others’ content, how will you be deemed an industry expert?
  6. How can your post/tweet drive traffic to your site or help build your brand?
  7. How can you encourage others to share your tweet?
  8. Do your social media posts tell a story?
  9. Do people know when to expect new content from you?
  10. Are you promoting others the same way you’d like them to support you?


  1. Who will provide the information or statistics?
  2. Are you allowed to share content created by others?
  3. Who will create the visual to ensure it is informative and aesthetically pleasing?


  1. What are your videos about and how does it relate to your goals?
  2. Who will create the video?
  3. Who do you hope will view the video?
  4. Once they view the video, what do you hope they do?
  5. How do you interact with other video channels?
  6. What does a successful video campaign look like to you—300 or 30,000 views?

Email Marketing

  1. Does your email subject compel someone to open it?
  2. Should you segment your list and use different email subject lines?
  3. When should you send your email?
  4. How can you make sure your email doesn’t land in the spam folder?
  5. Is your email responsive—does it look good on a desktop and mobile phone?
  6. Should I include a related video?
  7. What is the call to action?
  8. Where will the links go—to your blog or a specific landing page?
  9. Did you link to all your social media accounts?
  10. Did you encourage the sharing of your email?
  11. How will you check open and click-through rates?